Privacy Policy

1. Management of personal information

ADLINK Co., Ltd. hereby establishes the following “Personal Information Protection Policy” as a framework for the protection of personal information. We are aware of the importance of protecting individual’s personal information and are devoted maintaining such a promise.

2. Use of personal information

Personal information shall only be used for the purpose of sending emails and marketing materials for the following situations:

  • To provide information of services that we deal in.
  • To reply to various inquiries.

3. Prohibiting disclosure or provision of personal information to third parties

We will not disclose and/or provide any third parties with personal information we have collected, except for in the following situations:

  • Where prior consent has been provided by the individual.
  • Where customers have requested services from business partners, and their information is needed to complete the service.
  • In a case where disclosure or provision of personal information is required by law or certain regulations.

4.Protection management of personal information

We shall appropriately manage and protect the customers’ personal information.

5.Identification and authentication

In the case where one has made a request for the disclosure, correction and/or deletion of their personal information, action will only be taken after verifying the individual’s identity.

6.Adherence of social norms and revisions in accordance to the law

Our company promises to work hard towards developing safer company policies in regard to the changing social norms and laws of Japan concerning customer’s private information.


For inquires regarding a customer’s personal information, please contact the address below:

ADLINK Co., Ltd.

Hiroshima-shi, Naka-ku, Kamihatchobori 7-1, HIOS Hiroshima 6F
HIROSHIMA 730-0012