Nonta Sushi (Kamiyacho Branch)

A popular restaurant where you can eat delicious sushi at reasonable prices using locally-caught fish sent directly from the fish market. We receive new arrivals daily so the fish are fresh and delicious!

We are a sushi restaurant located in downtown Hiroshima (near the lively shopping district) that uses fresh and delicious ingredients received daily from the Yanaiko Port Fish Market, with a focus on seasonal fresh local fish from Setouchi.
We offer our lunch menu from noon so you can enjoy your meal at your own pace while ordering from the latest tablet devices at every table. In addition to sushi, we serve a variety of other small dishes that are popular for their deliciousness.

Inside the restaurant, there are counter seats and table seats along the sushi lane (conveyer belt). We also have semi-private table seats in the back.
We value hospitality and strive to deliver a cheerful atmosphere and delicious sushi that you can enjoy with a smile. Please have a fun time while enjoying the fresh fish of the bountiful Seto Inland Sea – Japan’s treasure trove of seafood.


Nonta’s Bountiful Sushi Rolls250Yen (incl. tax)

A large and filling sushi roll filled generously with over 10 kinds of ingredients.

Weekday Lunch1,100Yen (incl. tax)

Enjoy an amazing lunch with a collection of excellent sushi ingredients that we serve pride.

Recommendation of the DayPlease ask the staff for the priceYen (incl. tax)

Please ask us "what do you recommend today?" and we will be happy to provide you with an amazing dish using the most delicious and fresh ingredients of the day.

* The photo is a sample.
* Please note that price and contents will vary.