Chaya Wataya (Miyajima Coral Hotel)

Taste exquisite Japanese cuisine made with excellent ingredients. Being only a 5-minute walk from the Miyajimaguchi JR station, we are conveniently located for travelling and sight-seeing.

A Japanese restaurant on the 2nd floor of the Miyajima Coral Hotel. We are only a 5-minute walk from the JR Miyajimaguchi station.
From the large window, you can take in the beautiful view of the Onoseto Strait and the island of Miyajima while enjoying the calm atmosphere of our Japanese restaurant where time seems to flow gently.
We serve Hiroshima specialties from Hiroshima oysters, Hiroshima aged chicken, Hiroshima-raised beef, and Miyajima’s famous conger eel.
We also serve traditional Japanese dishes made with high quality Hiroshima ingredients including a colorful kaiseki set (traditional Japanese multi-course meal), ojyu (multi-tiered stylish bento boxes) and rice bowls, kamameshi (kettle-cooked rice), and other lavish dishes. Private rooms are available to use for special occasions with family or for business.

*Halal and vegetarian options are available. Please make a reservation at least 3 days in advance.


Seto Inland Sea Kurodai Set2,068Yen (incl. tax)

A meal set where you can enjoy the blessings of the Seto Inland Sea.
Stretching between Miyajima (one of the “Three Views of Japan”) and the town of Ono is the Onoseto Strait; this area is a cornucopia of rich seafood, including Hiroshima’s famous oysters. It is also home to the largest population of “kurodai” fish (Japanese black seabream).
It is said that the kurodai dwelling in the sea of the Onoseto Strait, which has a rich growing environment with abundant food, is of particularly excellent quality.
For this set, loose roasted kurodai removed from the bone is topped on a bowl of rice, along with grated yamaimo (Japanese mountain yam) and soy sauce, then a special soup stock is poured to serve as ochazuke.
The set also includes oyster and conger eel tempura and sashimi.

[Set contents summary: sashimi (fresh raw fish cut into thin slices), oyster and conger eel tempura (deep fried in batter), Seto kurodai (black seabream) rice dish, small dishes, grated yamaimo (Japanese mountain yam), and pickled dishes.]

Special Oyster Set3,608Yen (incl. tax)

As the name implies, this set is full of oysters from Hiroshima Prefecture. We hope that people in and out of the prefecture can fully enjoy the pride and joy of Hiroshima's bountiful blessings of nature.
The 7 oyster dishes served include:
● oyster hot pot.
● oyster tempura (oyster deep fried in batter).
● oysters served in 3 platters; oyster pickled in garlic oil, smoked oyster, and oyster topped with grated “daikon” (Japanese white radish) with “ponzu” (a tangy citrus & soy-based sauce).
● oyster rice dish, and miso-marinated oysters.

Enjoy these delicious oysters prepared in many forms with an array of flavors.

[Set contents summary: oyster hot pot, oyster tempura (deep fried in batter), oysters prepared in several methods, small dishes, oyster rice dish, miso soup, pickled dishes.]

Kamameshi Set2,618Yen (incl. tax)

Enjoy Hiroshima Prefecture’s famous oysters and Miyajima's famous conger eel in soft kettle-cooked rice.
This set includes your choice of kamameshi (kettle-cooked rice), sashimi (fresh raw fish cut into thin slices), oyster and conger eel tempura (deep fried in batter), small dishes, chawanmushi (Japanese steamed savory custard dish), miso soup, and pickled dishes.
The kamameshi is made upon order and requires about 30 minutes of waiting time. Upon opening the lid, the aroma of the delicious freshly cooked rice permeates the senses. The soft texture and amazing flavors of the rice that is soaked in the delicious juices of the mixed ingredients are so irresistibly delicious that you can’t help but eat it all in no time.

[Set contents summary: Kamameshi (kettle-cooked mixed rice), sashimi (fresh raw fish), oyster and conger eel tempura (deep fried in batter), small dishes, chawanmushi (Japanese steamed savory custard dish), miso soup, pickled dishes.]