Uo de Bar Zi-co

Enjoy lavish fish dishes accompanied by carefully selected wine recommended by the sommelier. In addition to organic wine, we have a wide selection of alcoholic refreshments available that nicely complement our dishes.

Zi-co is a casual bar where you can enjoy dishes primarily made with carefully selected seafood sent directly from the San'in region, which is bountiful in delicious gifts from nature, which you can enjoy alongside a variety of sommelier-selected drinks.
For seafood lovers, we recommend our special pasta which can topped with as much salmon roe as you like, as well as our seafood bouillabaisse made with soup stock from seasonal seafood. Additionally, we highly recommend our two-plate appetizers made with plenty of fresh ingredients.

With more than 30 kinds of natural wines, carefully selected by the owner who is a sommelier, you can enjoy the perfect wine to go with your food with your current mood. In addition to wine, you can enjoy handmade lemon sour drinks, organically grown matcha freshly brewed on the spot, and shochu (Japanese distilled liquor) with authentic raw matcha.

Our stylish bar has a calm and mature atmosphere where you can relax.
The first floor has counter seats where you can enjoy watching the food being prepared before your eyes. Spacious table seats are available on the 2nd floor.

We are dedicated toward providing excellent dishes using organic ingredients that meet strict food safety and quality standards so that you can enjoy a delicious and healthy meal at an affordable price.


Pasta with 3 Varieties of Roe1,980Yen (excl. tax)

Seafood pasta that you can top with 3 different kinds of fish eggs to your heart's content.

Wagyu Beef Koune Sashimi with Raw Sea Urchin1,800Yen (excl. tax)

"Koune" (a cut of fatty beef around the shoulder rib area) a popular specialty in Hiroshima paired with “uni” (sea urchin) served as sashimi (fresh raw meat/fish slices).

Broiled Nodoguro Sashimi1,000Yen (excl. tax)

Fatty blackthroat seaperch sashimi (fresh raw slices of raw fish served with soy sauce) that is lightly broiled.