Darumazushi (Hiroshima Ekimae main branch)

A long-established sushi restaurant in the business district near Hiroshima Station where you can enjoy the finest seafood carefully selected by connoisseurs.

Each morning, the owner himself rises very early in the morning to physically visit the market himself to buy fresh ingredients. Over 30 kinds of fresh fish are stocked, ranging from rare catches to abundant sea life caught from Setouchi. We of course serve Hiroshima’s seasonal specialties such as conger eel and oyster dishes.
Our popular "Horse Mackerel with Sesame Dressing" has many returning customers.
You can enjoy not only the taste but also the sight of fresh seafood lined up in a long case that exceeds 6 meters (6.5 yards) as the chefs prepare sushi and other dishes.
To observe the work and vibrant movements of sushi craftsmen, we recommend dining at the counter seats. For families and groups, we have private rooms available.
Please make yourself comfortable in the relaxing space and thoroughly enjoy our carefully made dishes to your heart's content.


Grilled Conger Eel with Sauce1,200+Yen (excl. tax)

Although the availability of Hiroshima specialty ingredients usually vary depending on the season’s harvest, this popular “anago no tare yaki” dish is available all year round.
In addition to our plump conger eel, we serve other seasonal ingredients including ko-iwashi (small sardines), oysters, and mollusk. (Market price)

Butter Sauté1,500+Yen (excl. tax)

Our popular buttery dish. Depending on the day's purchase, abalone, scallops, etc. are sautéed with handmade French sauce made from miso with kuruma shrimp (Japanese tiger prawn) and white wine.

Seafood with Sesame Dressing700+Yen (excl. tax)

Another one of our popular dishes. Depending on the season’s catch, we serve aji (horse mackerel), saba (mackerel), ko-iwashi (small sardines), and sayori (Japanese halfbeak) with sesame seed dressing.