Sushi-Tei (in front of Alpark)

Enjoy affordable and authentic sushi starting from ¥50 per piece! ★ In addition to fresh sushi, we offer a variety of course meals and sake that are all satisfying and delicious!

Enjoy authentic sushi at bargain prices starting at ¥50 per piece.
We also serve several satisfying courses such as our Yosenabe Hot Pot course, Filling Blowfish Course, and Kaiseki Course which you can request with an all-you-can-drink service that is perfect for group gatherings.
We also offer a bargain set which comes with 13 varieties of nigiri sushi (a type of sushi where a cut of fresh raw fish is draped on top of sweet vinegared rice) decided by the chef called "Itamae’s Omakase Nigiri Sushi" which comes with soup and crispy tempura (ingredients deep-fried in batter).
(The term “itamae” refers to a skilled sushi chef, while “omakase” means “to entrust,” which in this case leaves the selection of sushi to the itamae.)

With a full line-up of alcoholic refreshments from sake (rice wine) to shochu (distilled liquor), you can enjoy tasty drinks with your sushi.

Inside, we have counter seats where you can enjoy your meal while watching the sushi chef in action. We have table seats available where you can enjoy your meal in a calm atmosphere, and we also provide private rooms where you can relax in quiet.


Raw Octopus with Ponzu900Yen (excl. tax)

Our classic menu item that has been around since the launch of Sushi-Tei.
This popular menu item features fresh raw octopus with ponzu, which is a tangy citrus & soy-based sauce.

Raw Tuna: Chutoro Sashimi1,000Yen (excl. tax)

The quintessential raw tuna sashimi that we serve every day.
Every Thursday, we dismantle a whole tuna fish in front of our customers’ eyes!
“Chutoro” is a part of the tuna that contains a mix of fatty belly and red meat.

Nigiri Sushi & Tempura Set2,500Yen (excl. tax)

A great bargain deal featuring a generous serving of nigiri sushi (a type of sushi where a cut of fresh raw fish is draped on top of sweet vinegared rice), tempura (ingredients deep-fried in batter), salad, and soup.