“Masukichi” ~MASUYA-KITCHEN~

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A restaurant established by a Hiroshima miso manufacturer. We do not rely on artificial seasoning so you can enjoy natural authentic traditional Japanese food.

Using carefully made miso to create fine soups with lots of ingredients (“okazujiru”) with a rich fragrance, as well as deep-flavored koji miso dip, and aged miso, we hope you enjoy a pleasant "nostalgic yet new" culinary experience similar to dishes that Japanese mothers would make for their family.
Healthy fermented dishes such as miso are a big part of traditional Japanese cuisine. Our specialty okazujiru uses a special soup stock that does not contain any artificial seasoning and is blended with 6 kinds of domestic ingredients including dried bonito, flying fish, and kelp.
Malted rice (koji) and aged miso pickled dishes are used to add umami and give the dish a wonderful fragrance and elegant finish.
Our lunch menu focuses on pickled dishes and stews, and an izakaya (Japanese pub) style menu in the evening.
Our restaurant has a calm atmosphere with table seats on the first floor and tatami room on the second floor. We have a large selection of Hiroshima local sake (rice wine) and amazake cocktails (sweet sake that has low alcohol content).
Please enjoy our food and drinks to your heart’s content.


Miso Maker’s Miso Ramen880Yen (incl. tax)

Roasted miso and Japanese soup stock with “chirimen” (seasoned boiled small white fish that is rich in protein and calcium) and chashu pork marinated in aged miso.

Simmered Tofu & Black Japanese Beef580Yen (incl. tax)

Using our original secret recipe soup stock and miso, we carefully simmer this delicious tofu and meat dish. The beef we use is “Kuroge” Wagyu beef (one of four native Japanese beef cattle breeds).

Stewed Beef Tendon680Yen (incl. tax)

Using a pressure cooker, we stew beef tendon marinated in miso.