Anago Meshi Ueno

A well-known, long-established restaurant founded in 1868. We serve delicious grilled conger eel with rice using a special sauce.

We are a long-established “anago meshi” (grilled conger eel rice bowl) restaurant founded in 1868. With a long history spanning over a century, we have become a famous and integral part of Hiroshima's food culture.
When you enter our old folk house restaurant, it takes you back in history.
We use the highest quality fatty eel in its peak condition which we thoroughly marinade in our special “tare” (Japanese dipping sauce) to soak in as much flavor as possible. We have been making this special tare since our restaurant’s founding which perfectly complements our plump and perfectly cooked conger eel with a mellow richness that is not overly thick yet full of flavor and has a great aroma.
Our rice is delicious even when cooled because we cook our rice in soup stock made from conger eel bones making every grain full of flavor.
Our food will surely be appreciated in a banquet to celebrate special occasions or as a souvenir.
Enjoy it freshly-cooked at our restaurant or let us pack it in a traditional Japanese bento box for you to enjoy later.
We are beloved by both locals and international guests, so much so that it is often said, "If it’s anago meshi, it’s got to be Ueno."


Anago Meshi (Regular Size)2,250Yen (incl. tax)

(Grilled conger eel with rice).
Anago that has been very carefully selected and simply grilled without steaming or boiling that is generously served on top of soft rice cooked with our secret recipe conger eel bone soup stock. Enjoy the harmony of the fragrance and flavors of this delicious anago meshi.

Grilled Conger Eel (Shirayaki)1,300Yen (incl. tax)

We carefully select anago (conger eel) that is plump with fat and grill it without any seasoning or sauce (which is called “shirayaki,” as opposed to “kabayaki” which includes sauce), so you can enjoy the pure flavor of the eel. You may enjoy with a bit of wasabi (Japanese horseradish) and/or rock salt. It goes exceptionally well with local sake (rice wine).

Anago Meshi Bento (Regular)2,160Yen (incl. tax)

When we pack the freshly grilled anago (conger eel) and freshly cooked rice in a bento box (a traditional Japanese lunch box), the moisture of the rice will seep to the bottom of the box while the sauce and juices of the grilled anago start to absorb into the rice. The flavors are further deepened as it continues to cool after about two hours, which is why this anago meshi bento is delicious even when cold.