Inaka Tea House WATAYA (Ono Branch)

A traditional Japanese countryside style tea house where you can make yourself comfortable and dig in to our famous chicken dish “Sanzoku-yaki”.

Happily dig in to Wataya’s signature “Sanzoku-yaki” which is a large fried/grilled whole chicken leg dish. We cook “nichinandori” chicken till it is juicy and moist inside and skin roasted to crispy perfection with an enticing fragrance. Our soft and addicting chicken dish is made with our original cooking method with a secret seasoning sauce.
We serve big, generously stuffed “Sanzoku musubi” (compared to most rice balls (known as “musubi” or “onigiri”) which are small and triangular in shape usually with up to one filling, this exceptionally large and round rice ball is wrapped in dried seaweed and stuffed with three ingredients which vary based on the maker), a variety of rice bowl dishes, and udon noodles made with special soup stock.
The interior of our restaurant is an open space filled with the warmth of cozy wood with wide space between seats to allow you to stretch out and relax to the fullest.
We are a popular Japanese restaurant in Hiroshima with a wide variety of staple Japanese food, izakaya menu, and fine dishes from our seasonal menu.

*In addition to the Ono branch, Wataya is available in other parts of Hiroshima.
[Toge Branch] 553 Toge, Hatsukaichi-shi, Hiroshima TEL. 0829-40-0678
[Numata Branch] 4-1-11 Tomo-chuo, Asaminami-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima TEL. 082-848-5995
[Yagi Branch] 6-1-1 Midorii, Asaminami-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima TEL. 082-831-6666
[Nukushina Branch] 7-10-30, Nukushina, Higashi-ku, Hiroshima TEL. 082-289-8400


Sanzoku-yaki & Sanzoku Musubi Set1,300Yen (incl. tax)

Our signature “Sanzoku-yaki” (large grilled/fried whole chicken leg) and “Sanzoku Musubi” (large generously stuffed rice balls).
For our Sanzoku-yaki, we cook “nichinan dori” chicken till it is juicy and moist inside and the skin is amazingly crispy. You can choose from 3 flavors for the seasoning: Japanese “tare” (a thick dipping sauce) / salt / spicy miso paste.
This well-seasoned chicken is served on a hot iron plate which will keep it nice and warm till you finish eating.
Our visually striking “Sanzoku Musubi” is generously stuffed with salmon, kelp from Hidaka, and bonito, so no matter which angle you eat it from every bite will be full of flavor.
We sincerely hope you enjoy this deliciously satisfying set.
[Content summary: Sanzoku chicken, Sanzoku rice ball, pickled dishes]

Ochazuke Set with Fresh Raw Black Seabream of Seto1,540Yen (incl. tax)

Although Hiroshima is famous for oysters, our prefecture is in fact the largest catchers of “kurodai” (Japanese black seabream) in Japan.
We use fresh kurodai from the Seto area that we carefully select and cook on the same day.
To enjoy this dish to the fullest, please place the fresh cut of raw kurodai fillet on the rice, then pour sauce and enjoy the first few bites to savor the umami of the fish.
After that, pour in soup to turn your rice bowl into “ochazuke” and enjoy the fragrance as the scent of kurodai and “dashi” soup stock intertwine.
You can enjoy this set with tempura (ingredients fried in batter) and other side dishes along with your kurodai ochazuke.
[Content summary: Seto black sea bream (raw fish) on rice served as ochazuke (“(o)chazuke” is rice poured with hot water, dashi, or tea with a variety of toppings), tempura, small side dishes, pickled dishes]

Wataya Udon Set1,500Yen (incl. tax)

Delicious Japanese food set consisting of tempura (ingredients fried in batter), karaage (Japanese style fried chicken), mini salad, mini “don” (rice bowl topped with meat, fish, etc.), Small bowl of udon noodles, and pickled dishes.
Choose 1 from 6 types of mini “don” (rice bowls):
1. Katsudon (deep-fried pork cutlet)
2. Negitorodon (minced sashimi grade fatty tuna with green onions)
3. Oyakodon (chicken & eggs simmered in stock)
4. Tendon (tempura)
5. Soborodon (ground chicken)
6. Kaisendon (seafood)

We take pride in our crispy tempura and chewy udon noodles served with a special soup stock.

This is a classic Japanese meal set that is made with Wataya's utmost dedication and care. We hope that when you eat, it will warm your heart.

[Content summary: tempura, fried chicken, mini salad, mini rice bowls, pickled dishes, udon noodles]