Akushu Cafe

Take a relaxing break at our cafe inside Hiroshima’s landmark building Orizuru Tower and try our popular “okonomiyaki sticks”!

Akushu Cafe ("handshake cafe") is located in Hiroshima's new landmark building, Orizuru Tower, which is near the Atomic Bomb Dome. Made with ingredients from Hiroshima and Setouchi, enjoy menu items unique to Akushu Cafe.
In addition to the first floor’s indoors seats and outdoor terrace seats (pets are allowed only at the terrace), you can enjoy your meal up on the tower’s "Hiroshima no Oka" rooftop observatory.

Please try Akushu Cafe’s exclusive menu items such as our original Hiroshima-style “okonomiyaki sticks” which is “okonomiyaki,” a very filling savory pancake-like dish filled with a variety of ingredients that is usually served flat on a hot plate with utensils, which we wrap in a conveniently easy-to-eat form (in a shape similar to a burrito or sandwich wrap).
We also serve potato chips made from fresh potatoes sent directly from Aki-Tsu which are also popular as a quick easy snack. We offer seats with plenty of room in a spacious interior with a high ceiling.
We aim to be a welcoming place where everyone – from Hiroshima locals (including workers coming out of nearby offices to grab lunch) to travellers visiting from other cities in Japan or countries around the world – can feel comfortable while spending an enjoyable and harmonious time together.


Matcha Soft Serve Ice Cream with Momiji Manju638Yen (incl. tax)

A local specialty, our matcha soft serve ice cream contains a whole momiji manju (a Japanese confectionery consisting of a spongy batter in the shape of a maple leaf (“momiji”), a symbol of Hiroshima, which is traditionally filled with sweet red bean paste.)
Enjoy the taste of Hiroshima with the authentic and deep taste of matcha made from tea powder from Hiroshima Tagashira brand, along with a sweet and fluffy momiji manju.

Okonomiyaki Stick (Okos)528Yen (incl. tax)

Hiroshima’s beloved soul food “okonomiyaki” (a savory pancake-like dish filled with a variety of ingredients) wrapped in an easy-to-eat form!
Our volume-packed standard “okos” (which is filled with meat, eggs, and stir-fry noodles) is our No. 1 customers’ favorite.

Setouchi Citrus Drinks (Hiroshima Honey Lemon Squash or Hiroshima Mikan Juice)550Yen (incl. tax)

Our original drinks using Hiroshima's famous lemon and mikan (Japanese mandarin orange).
Enjoy these delicious citrus juices squeezed from mikan and lemons that soaked up the sun’s rays in the Setouchi region of Hiroshima!