grill&deli LAVE

Enjoy a feast for your eyes with our delicious grilled meat and vegetables while taking in the view of the beautiful open garden terrace.♪

An eye-catching large barbecue grill can be seen in our gorgeous lush green terrace! We cook a variety of ingredients from meat, seasonal vegetables, and locally-made authentic sausages, using a special sauce to further bring out the flavors.

During lunch hours, we have a wide variety of meat dishes, from hearty meat dishes to fresh raw foods, gluten-free, and non-animal dishes. The five types of deli options, which change weekly and monthly, are made with the finest ingredients which are said to be effective for healthy skin and stomach health.
Please enjoy the colorful foods with your eyes and indulge in our popular sweets that you can order any time during lunch or dinner time.

Please feel free to use our table seats, private rooms, or open terrace according to your comfort and needs.


Deli & Grill Plate1,320Yen (incl. tax)

You can enjoy deli that is not only delicious but is beneficial to health and beauty from hearty meat dishes to fresh raw foods, gluten-free, and non-animal dishes.
Features a selection of 2 out of 5 options of deli that change weekly/monthly, along with salad with selectable toppings, soup, bread, detox water, and a drink.

BBQーLAVE5,478Yen (incl. tax)

Have a great time with loved ones while enjoying 3 kinds of meats, seasonal vegetables, and locally made authentic German style sausages barbecued on a large open-flame grill in our garden terrace.

Coffee Verrine770Yen (incl. tax)

A fluffy and sweet treat with a slightly mature aromatic scent of coffee that you can enjoy for dessert after a meal or as a light café treat.