Yakiniku Toshi

If you want to eat good horumonyaki in Hiroshima, visit us for a rich and irresistible taste!

Our famous horumon (meat offal) which we grill with expertise is so rich and addictive that we have many customers saying that if you want to eat horumon in Hiroshima, there’s no better place than here!
We also cook meat with a charcoal grill - we recommend trying our tender grilled garlic short ribs which leaves customers dying for a refill of beer to enjoy more and more.
There are plenty of side dish options to choose from including dishes that go well with sake (rice wine). For lunch, enjoy a hearty meal such as ramen and meal sets that will fill your stomach and satisfy your cravings.

We use a lot of high-quality meat at reasonable prices which we cook with our 32 years of experience to deliver the most excellent grilled meat dishes.
We are a casual restaurant where many men and women come to recharge and energize with delicious nourishing and stamina-packed dishes.


Puri Puri Horumon759Yen (incl. tax)

We proudly make this dish of plump special grilled meat offal that has been our signature menu item since our founding and is registered as a trademark.

Ramen748Yen (incl. tax)

Toshi’s classic ramen, whose recipe has been unchanged since establishment, is made with handmade tonkotsu (pork bone broth) with soy sauce. This mild and nourishing broth is not only packed with flavor but also plenty of nutrients like collagen, minerals, and calcium.