Tomiya (Main)

The big Japanese Black beef cattle statue in front of our restaurant acts as a landmark signifying that we offer the finest marbled Wagyu beef at a butcher’s price.

Tomiya is a meat specialty izakaya directly managed by a butcher shop where you can have access to the highest quality meats. We offer the finest marbled Wagyu beef at a surprisingly low price. We wish to provide customers with a way to enjoy delicious meat without breaking the bank.

The staff will handle the cooking process for our famous beef sukiyaki, so all you have to do is let the eggs melt and kick back and relax as you wait for the delicious hot pot to be ready. The seasoning is made with Tomiya's pride and brings out the flavor of the meat and combines nicely with the eggs and rice - the udon (thick Japanese wheat-flour noodles) is also an excellent addition to this mouth-watering hot pot.

When you pass by the restaurant, the enticing smell of grilled meat will surely pique your appetite right away.
We highly recommend drinking a glass of local Hiroshima sake to enjoy with your meal. We also offer a luxurious all-you-can-drink course that includes 3 special beef teppanyaki dishes.


Wagyu Beef Sirloin Steak3,726Yen (incl. tax)

A generous serving of Japanese beef sirloin weighing about 200g (approx. 7 oz.)
This luxurious Wagyu beef is cooked with an original sauce and is a highly recommended dish for those who want to thoroughly enjoy the deliciousness of Wagyu beef.

Hiroshima Beef Sukiyaki2,750Yen (incl. tax)

A popular hot pot dish filled with carefully selected seasonal ingredients with meat, eggs, and warishita (a hot pot seasoning sauce that typically includes soy sauce, mirin, miso, etc.).

Garlic Rice858Yen (incl. tax)

Tomiya’s garlic rice is an amazing way to close a meal!
The enticing garlic scent and flavor are irresistible and provides the perfect finish right after feasting on a meaty meal.