Focaccia Specialty Bakery – Mochipan

If you love focaccia, please come by to try our delicious focaccias which have a uniquely chewy texture.♪

"Mochipan" is Japan’s number one focaccia specialty bakery created by artisans.
Our focaccia is special because we knead potatoes into the bread dough using Hoshino natural yeast to create a sticky and chewy texture resembling mochi (glutinous rice cakes) that you will not find anywhere else.

We have the nation’s largest focaccia varieties with 30 options with our tasty moshio (seaweed salt) focaccia being our most popular.
The secret to the excellence of our bread is the use of domestically grown wheat and natural yeast which we add to the dough and let it rise for 15 hours with special water. Our simple yet delicious focaccia topped with special moshio from Hiroshima can be enjoyed as is or as a sandwich.

We also have handmade roast beef, pork, chicken, and plenty of vegetables and fruits.
Please come and enjoy amazing focaccia!


Large Wiener Sausage Focaccia378Yen (incl. tax)

Our most popular focaccia containing a nice juicy wiener. Potatoes were kneaded in the bread dough to give it a chewy texture before letting it rise with natural yeast for several hours making it rich in volume so even one piece may be enough to make you full.

Hiroshima Umami Sandwiches - Roast Beef with Seaweed Salt378Yen (incl. tax)

Special sandwiches using bread made with natural yeast from Hiroshima with roast beef and moshio (salt made from seaweed) that you can only taste here.

Hiroshima Umami Sandwiches - Mixed Fruits303Yen (incl. tax)

Lovely and stylish fruit sandwiches using bread made with natural yeast from Hiroshima arranged in a cute and easy-to-eat package.