Bul Del Mare

Comfortably enjoy delicious lunch and coffee.♪ Pets are welcome on the terrace!

One of the charms of Bul Del Mare is the convenience of being open from lunch time to late in the evening so you can enjoy your meal at any time.

Our “handmade Setouchi Lemon Sour” is made with handmade syrup which is available in 2 varieties: a refreshing light version and a thick version with lemon peel and pulp. We also serve other fruit sour drinks using seasonal fruits available during each fruit’s respective harvest period.
You can enjoy boundless seasonal dishes such as "Acqua pazza" (poached white fish) using fish freshly caught by the staff, as well as a variety of seasonal pasta.

The interior is warm and stylish with table seats and counter seats so you can come in and eat by yourself or with friends. Pets are also welcome to stay at our open terrace.
For evening meals, we recommend our all-you-can-drink plan which we serve at a great value.


Setouchi Lemon Sour & Seasonal Fruit Sour605Yen (incl. tax)

A refreshing sour drink using lemons from Setouchi. We offer two types: light and thick. We also offer sour drinks using seasonal fruits.

Pork Pot Roast Sandwich550Yen (incl. tax)

Pork pot roast cooked over time till tender and soft with tomato garlic marinade and crispy lettuce sandwiched between handmade bread.

Deep-fried Chicken Tulips ~Lemon Flavor~880Yen (incl. tax)

Our specialty crispy and juicy fried chicken “tulips” with a refreshing lemon flavor that will get you hooked.
(A chicken “tulip” is a deep-fried chicken wing with parts of the meat rolled down to expose the bone which resembles a stem with the rolled meat being the “tulip” flower petals).