Wagyu & Wine Fuoco

Excellent and great value! Enjoy brand Wagyu beef and rare beef cuts.

We serve carefully selected Japanese beef at overwhelmingly competitive prices prepared by a chef with experience in Italian cooking who will skillfully bring out the best of every ingredient.

We are adamant about selecting the best brand Wagyu beef from the Chugoku and Shikoku regions to serve a variety of parts such as Hiroshima’s specialty “koune” (a cut of fatty beef around the shoulder rib area) which is a rare cut that is rarely served outside of the prefecture, as well as olive beef from Kagawa, Tottori Wagyu Olein 55, and more. We purchase our beef from a trusted wholesale company so that we can offer delicious beef at affordable prices.

We especially recommend our signature dish "Fuoco-yaki" where you can enjoy juicy roasted Hiroshima beef with “warishita” (a hot pot seasoning sauce), served with an egg that has been moussed with Espuma. The flavor of the meat is truly exquisite.

We recommend the all-you-can-drink course so you can thoroughly enjoy your meal with drinks while chatting.


Japanese Black Beef Rare Hambagu Lunch780+Yen (incl. tax)

Enjoy a meaty Japanese style Hamburg steak (“hambagu”) which we make every morning using 100% freshly ground Japanese Black beef. The meat is cooked rare and can be further grilled to your liking by taking pieces of the hambagu and placing it on top of a “peretto” that comes with the hot plate.
S 130g (~4.6 oz) ¥780
M 160g (~5.6 oz) ¥980
L 220g (~7.8 oz) ¥1,280

Fuoco-yaki1,280Yen (incl. tax)

Hiroshima beef rib loin roasted with special warishita soup stock. Please enjoy with special eggs moussed using Espuma (thermo whip).

Assorted Rare Meat Cuts1,250Yen (incl. tax)

Indulge in rare cuts of fresh Japanese Black beef in a luxurious arrangement.
Please thoroughly enjoy the difference in taste of every cut (which are labeled) served with six different sauces to further enhance the flavor.