Ebisu Kitchen

Enjoy a number of exquisite dishes created by a chef with overseas training experience, including high quality A5 rank dry-aged meat. The portions are satisfying with an affordable price.

A hideaway dining place with a casual atmosphere where adults gather to enjoy food and drink at spacious tables or horigotatsu (low table with a recessed floor beneath for leg room) while appreciating the stylish interior.
The menu is lined with original dishes made with carefully selected ingredients from vegetables, meat, and fish prepared by a chef with overseas training experience.
Using a genuine open-flame charcoal grill, the chef grills meat that has been dry-aged for 44 days using 150g (about 5.3 ounces) or more of A5 Kagoshima Kuroge Wagyu beef at a great value.
We handmake colorful red, white, and bubble sangria and offer a selection of fine bottled wines.
An all-you-can-drink course is available where you can enjoy delicious alcoholic refreshments with your meal.


Charcoal Grilled Dry-Aged Meat1,780Yen (excl. tax)

Extensively dry-aged Kagoshima A5 Japanese Black beef.
An exquisite juicy red meat dish that the aged-meat meister serves with pride!

Handmade Sangria580Yen (excl. tax)

Colorful and vibrant sangria made by yours truly. Available in red, white, and bubble at a great value.

Salmon Carpaccio780Yen (excl. tax)

A highly recommended specialty dish!
Watch as fresh raw salmon gets brilliantly grilled in a magical display before your eyes to make a beautiful salmon carpaccio dish.