A renowned restaurant in Hiroshima featured in the Michelin Guide, serving French style cuisine using fresh Hiroshima ingredients.

(Featured in the “MICHELIN GUIDE HIROSHIMA EHIME 2018” publication.)
Please enjoy authentic cuisine that reflects the four distinct seasons of Japan carefully crafted by a chef who studied French culinary arts in Nice, France.
We serve delicious dishes using local ingredients from Hiroshima Prefecture, including vegetables grown in natural farms, Hiroshima beef, and momiji-buta (roasted pork with Japanese autumn leaves).
At the counter seats, you can enjoy the view of the chef’s masterful cooking techniques while conversing.
For course meals reflecting the four seasons, we use fresh homegrown vegetables from local fields, produce using natural farming methods in Higashi-Hiroshima, and herbs from Mihara. We personally meet with the producers who all hold a heartfelt commitment to providing the best natural ingredients.
Our sommelier will recommend the perfect wine to go with each dish.
Please enjoy a moment of happiness for your body and mind.


Royal Seafood (Western-style chawanmushi)6,500-15,000Yen (excl. tax)

Our specialty dish that we include in all courses: a Western-style chawanmushi soup (a steamed savory custard dish).
Please enjoy a variety of ingredients as contents change depending on the season.

15,000 Yen Course15,000Yen (excl. tax)

A luxurious course where you can enjoy 8 seasonal Hiroshima vegetables and seafood dishes, including a dish with A5 grade Hiroshima Chateaubriand beef (only 400 grams (about 14.1 ounces) of this part of the beef can be procured from a single cattle).