Sushi Hiroshima Ajiroya (Main Restaurant)

Enjoy luxurious fresh seafood from Setouchi in a restaurant conveniently located near Hiroshima Station. Thanks to the masterful techniques of the chef, the greatness of each ingredient shines through every dish.

Using quality Setouchi ingredients, including fresh fish which we purchase every day from the local Seto Inland Sea, and utilization of masterful techniques to bring out the best of every dish, we craft delicacies hoping to share the delicious taste of Hiroshima with our customers.
Our meal courses are custom made to the customer’s liking while using seasonal ingredients.
We offer over 20 kinds of individual menu items that change daily, including our famous stewed eel, mackerel, and kohada (a type of shad fish).
Enjoy delicious sushi made by artisans with 25 years of experience.

We are located near the station with a river view which you can view through the glass at our counter seats. The view is especially beautiful at night.
Our interior has a calm atmosphere great for entertaining guests or a lovely night out with a date.


Special Nigiri Sushi Lunch3,800Yen (excl. tax)

Nigiri sushi (a type of sushi where a slice of fish is laid on top of sweet vinegared rice) beautifully arranged in a jewelry box-like container using gorgeous seasonal seafood such as tuna, conger eel, salmon roe, etc.
Also comes with chawanmushi (a savory steamed egg custard dish), soup, and dessert with varying contents.

Autumn Leaves (Momiji)10,000Yen (excl. tax)

A luxurious course with plentiful seasonal ingredients.
• Appetizer
• Aemono (dressed salad)
• Simmered food bowl
• 5 kinds of sashimi (slices of fresh raw fish)
• Simmered dish
• Chawanmushi (a savory steamed egg custard dish)
• Seasoned fish
• Side dishes
• Sushi tenuki
• Finishing soup bowl
• Mizugashi (mizu “water” + kashi “sweets” - mizugashi originally referred to succulent fruits but nowadays can also refer to sweets with high water content such as jelly desserts)

Gekkabijin (Omakase Meal Course of the Day)15,000Yen (excl. tax)

Upon making a reservation, please tell us your food preferences and we will prepare a specially tailored course just for you.

Translation notes:
The name of this course “gekkabijin” (known in English as “Dutchman's pipe cactus”, or “princess/queen of the night”) is a genus of cactus with a flower that blooms only at night.
“Omakase” is Japanese for “entrust,” which in this case leaves the selection of food to the chef.