Shirasu Specialty Restaurant SEALAS

Enjoy fresh sashimi-grade shirasu (“whiteback,” a collection of small white fish) caught from the city of Kure in Hiroshima Prefecture. It is here where you can try the rumored pasta that you can pile on as much shirasu as you want!

Kure City is home to Hiroshima Prefecture’s largest thriving “chirimen” (dried shirasu) business where you will find the local specialty “chirimen of Ondo-no-seto” (a strait in the Seto Inland Sea near Kure) produced by SEALAS’ parent company Momiji Suisan Co., Ltd.
Every morning, fishermen carry freshly caught fish from Kure directly to us.
As a shirasu specialty restaurant, we take pride in our dishes for customers to enjoy at a reasonable price.


Specialty!! Shirasu Pasta1,070Yen (incl. tax)

The rumored shirasu pasta where you can pile on as much shirasu as you want!
You can choose from three types of pasta sauces: pepperoncino (chili pepper), tomato sauce, and basil sauce.

Shirasu & Mozzarella Cheese Pizza (Straight out of the oven)1,070Yen (incl. tax)

We neatly knead the pizza dough by hand and sprinkle mozzarella cheese and shirasu before placing it in the kiln at 500°C (932°F).
Enjoy this delicious pizza where you can taste the combined flavors of the shirasu and cheese served straight out the oven.

Raw Shirasu Seafood Bowl1,480Yen (incl. tax)

A delicious seafood bowl of rice with fresh raw shirasu caught in-house, along with a variety of fresh fish such as red sea bream, salmon, amberjack, and salmon roe.
*The seafood contents may vary depending on the day’s stock.
*Only available at lunchtime.