Taiko Udon (Nakamachi Branch)

A restaurant founded 35 years ago that strives to make delicious udon (thick Japanese wheat-flour noodles in broth) that will have returning customers say “today’s noodles are even better than yesterday’s!” We want to share udon culture that is loved across generations and national borders.

We are well-known for our specialty ojiya udon noodles, our unique and creative carbonara udon noodles, and other amazing dishes that make use of local seasonal ingredients.
We do not use any artificial seasonings and make dishes with only safe and natural ingredients that are carefully selected so that you can safely eat with your family and loved ones with peace of mind.
We aim to be an udon restaurant that is loved by everyone regardless of nationality where customers can enjoy a variety of udon, from standard traditional udon noodles to monthly special udon noodles made with seasonal ingredients, custom arrangements, and vegan/vegetarian varieties.
We provide high chairs, children's menu sets, and udon noodles for babies so that families with children can thoroughly enjoy their meal as well.
Muslim-friendly menu options (no pork or alcohol) are also available.

During night time, we also serve dishes that go well with sake that the chef masterfully makes utilizing skills gained from working at a well-known Japanese restaurant for many years.
Some of the popular menu items include seasonal tempura (ingredients deep-fried in batter), taro deep-fried with soup stock, sushi with plump simmered conger eel, and our Daily Special assorted set.
Please feel free to enjoy our proudly made dishes with a variety of alcoholic beverages. We have several local sake from Hiroshima including Ugo no Tsuki, Ryusei, Fukucho, Kamokinshou, Taketsuru whisky, etc.


Hiroshima Lemon Udon (Chilled)880Yen (excl. tax)

A refreshing bowl of chilled udon. Enjoy the delicious harmony of natural soup stock combined with the refreshing sourness of Hiroshima lemon.

Tori (Chicken) Ojiya Udon900Yen (excl. tax)

Our specialty – ojiya udon (udon noodles with rice porridge) cooked with chicken and served in an iron pot so you can enjoy it nice and hot to the very end. Loved for the gentle flavor of dashi (soup stock) and tender chicken, this has been a popular menu item of ours for 35 years.

Carbonara udon880Yen (excl. tax)

The most popular menu item of the Taiko Udon Nakamachi Branch; Taiko Udon's original carbonara udon with a rich sauce that combines fresh egg, fresh cream, and udon dashi (soup stock), accented with bacon and black pepper. This is a dish that we make with pride and finish off with grated Parmigiano-Reggiano (Parmesan cheese) on top.