Negi-An (Kamiyacho Branch)

The choice of ingredients is what makes a great tasting okonomiyaki! We use the finest cabbage, fresh Hiroshima green onions, and high grade red eggs.

Asaminami Ward’s famous Negi-An has arrived in Kamiyacho (located in the downtown area of Hiroshima City).
Negi-an’s okonomiyaki is carefully cooked layer by layer by skilled craftsmen, with noodles that are cooked slowly until nice and crispy. We purchase the best cabbages on the market daily and steam it until it has a sweet aroma and flavor to make the best okonomiyaki. As a final touch, we add green onions which have been nurtured with plenty of sunlight and soothing winds of the Seto Inland area. These are the components that make our amazing okonomiyaki.
Our No. 1 popular menu item “Tsukimi Negi-An special” is topped with a high-grade red egg from Sera, Hiroshima.
If you want to enjoy a live cooking performance, we recommend sitting in one of the 20 counter seats where you can watch okonomiyaki being made up close. We also have 10 table seats for small groups. For families with children, we have tatami room tables with 4 seats.


Tsukimi Negi-An Special1,188Yen (incl. tax)

(Tsukimi “moon viewing” alludes to the round full-moon shaped egg yolk.)
Our No. 1 popular okonomiyaki containing crispy noodles with a sweet sauce and green onions grown in a treasure trove island, topped with Sera's high-grade red egg!
If you're new to Negi-An, this is a specialty okonomiyaki that we definitely recommend you to try.

Mayonnaise Special1,078Yen (incl. tax)

An irresistible okonomiyaki recommended by our staff filled with a generous serving of mayonnaise used in hotels and restaurants, topped with egg yolk!

Salted Mayonnaise Special1,078Yen (incl. tax)

A superb okonomiyaki that was born from the creativity of our staff!
This is a novel okonomiyaki that uses no sauce yet packs a surprising amount of flavor! It is filled with shiso leaves (Japanese perilla herbs) which adds an irresistible taste and aroma. Once you take a bite, there is no doubt that you will be hooked!