Peace Blvd

Enjoy delicious onigiri which you can eat inside or order for take-out to enjoy at home. ☆

A small onigiri specialty shop located along Peace Boulevard.
Onigiri (also known as “omusubi” or “nigirimeshi”) is white rice typically shaped into a triangular shape and traditionally wrapped with dried seaweed and filled with a savory or sour ingredient such as salmon, umeboshi, kombu, etc.
We created a welcoming open space so that international guests and sightseers in Hiroshima can easily drop by and enjoy food and drinks in a café area.
We use koshihikari brand “Nita rice” harvested from the Nita District which is located in Okuizumo, Shimane Prefecture – it is thanks to this quality rice that the onigiri we make is delicious.
We offer a variety of take-out onigiri, lunch boxes, and plenty of side dishes. Feel free to enjoy onigiri lunch with coffee at the adjacent café.


Nitaya Onigiri Set (with drink)1,580Yen (excl. tax)

A satisfying meal set that can be customized to your liking.
Choose 2 out of 16 types of onigiri, as well as two side dishes. Also comes with a main dish and soup.
Your drink will be served at the end so you can take your time enjoying your lunch to the end.

Assorted Sweets (5 pieces)1,380Yen (excl. tax)

Assorted Japanese sweets that you can enjoy all to yourself or share with others.
*We also offer a platter of 3 assorted sweets for \880 (excl. tax).

Parfait800Yen (excl. tax)

Left: “Caramel & Nuts Parfait”
A perfect sweet and savory blend of caramel with nuts.

Center: “Kuromitsu Kinako Warabi Parfait”
An original Japanese matcha (green tea) ice cream parfait with plenty of warabi-mochi (chewy, jelly-like rice cake) powdered with kinako (soybean flour) drizzled in kuromitsu (“black honey” sugar syrup.

Right: “Strawberry & Kiwi Chocolate Parfait”
A chocolate parfait with refreshing and tart strawberries and kiwi.