Cha-no-wa (ekie Branch)

Enjoy the luxurious taste and aroma of high-quality matcha (green tea) through our authentic matcha desserts using the finest Uji matcha (prized matcha cultivated in Uji, Kyoto) carefully selected by a master matcha taster. ★

An authentic matcha sweets pâtisserie founded 60 years ago by a long-established tea shop in Hiroshima.
The master matcha taster Haruhide Morita is thrice renowned as the best in Japan. He carefully picks the highest quality Uji matcha specifically for “Cha-no-wa”.
Known as "kintenkaku," this well-balanced matcha excels in all three cornerstones that constitute an exquisite matcha: color, taste, and aroma. A tea of this high caliber can be enjoyed as “koicha” (an exceptionally dark opaque green tea).
Additionally, we are under the guidance of two great advisors who supervise our recipes; the seasoned pastry chef Yoshihiro Yamakawa who is famed as the first chef of the confectionery shop “Anténor,” and the award-winning pastry chef Shotaro Hanaguchi who won 3rd place in a group of up-and-coming pastry chefs and 2nd place at the Coup de Monde, a world cup in Western confectionery.
Please enjoy our luxurious sweets made with high-quality genuine matcha produced by masters of their craft at “Cha-no-wa”.


Matcha Butter Cake "Matcha Full Moon"1,728Yen (incl. tax)

Our signature matcha butter cake "Matcha Mangetsu" (matcha full moon) was once featured on television programs, praised as a masterpiece that even those not accustomed to the taste of matcha are able to enjoy.
This simple matcha cake captivates the eyes with a beautiful green color.
The elegant sweetness and moist texture are created by carefully utilizing the perfect amount of matcha. By using high-grade matcha which costs 50,000 Yen per kilogram on the market (roughly 500 US Dollars per 2.2 lbs.), the flavor is maximized while suppressing the bitterness. Since it is made without using any artificial colors, added scents, or preservatives, the cake has a short shelf life so please enjoy this precious jewel of genuine matcha while the cake is still fresh.

Matcha Momiji Manju1,404Yen (incl. tax)

Momiji manju is Hiroshima’s famous confectionery consisting of a spongy batter in the shape of a maple leaf (“momiji”) which is traditionally filled with sweet red bean paste (there are variations with other fillings as well). Each maker has their own unique methods and characteristics for their momiji manju, and usually it is the difference in the filling that sets them apart. At Cha-no-wa, matcha is boldly kneaded into the batter itself while using butter to make uniquely Madeleine-like pastry dough with a moist texture.
Furthermore, we fill the fluffy pastry with a specially made coarse sweet red bean paste that is soft and nicely cooked inside, bringing together an exquisite harmony of Western and Japanese flavors.
We use a special nozzle for our filling machine that ensures that the sweet red bean paste spreads evenly and generously throughout the manju to the very tips of the momiji leaf shape.

Enjoy Hiroshima’s new staple souvenir - matcha momiji manju.