Kaedenoki (ekie Branch)

A popular Hiroshima sweets souvenir shop that makes Western confectionery using high quality maple sugar.

When the 26th National Confectionery Expo of Hiroshima in 2013 was held, in September of the same year, as the "Kaedenoki" (Japanese maple tree) brand we opened our first directly managed shop in Hiroshima Station’s popular shopping district".
We incorporate our corporate color white into our shop and package design.
We make financiers, baumkuchen, langues de chat, etc. using 100% high-quality maple sugar made with the sweet sap of maple trees from Quebec, Canada.
Our "Maple Momiji" confectionary series is very popular, especially our "Maple Momiji Financier" which has won the International Quality Institute’s Monde Selection Gold Award for six consecutive years since 2015.


Maple Momiji Financier1,620Yen (incl. tax)

Winner of the Monde Selection Gold Award for 6 consecutive years since 2015. An elegant confectionary made from 100% maple sugar from Quebec, Canada. The outside texture is crisp while the inside is soft and moist with the gentle sweetness of maple and fragrant aroma of almond powder.

Maple Momiji Langue de Chat1,404Yen (incl. tax)

Winner of the Monde Selection Gold Award in 2019. This soft cookie with white chocolate sandwiched between maple sugar cookie dough is the second most popular confectionary from our "Maple Momiji" series.

Maple Momiji Baumkuchen1,404Yen (incl. tax)

An elegant and moist layer cake with aromatic maple fondant coating.