Okonomiyaki & Teppanyaki – Umaimon’ya Goemon (Ebisucho Main Restaurant)

Enjoy crisp and fragrant okonomiyaki with soft vegetables. Our menu is vast so if you are stuck between choosing okonomiyaki or teppanyaki, come to us because we offer both!

A 22-year-old okonomiyaki & teppanyaki restaurant that is often crowded like an izakaya with many happy customers.
We use original Chinese noodles made with domestic flour and soft juicy vegetables to cook a crispy and fragrant okonomiyaki.
We are stringent about using quality ingredients from trustworthy sources, including the eggs that we use from naturally raised chickens and an original sauce with no additives that meet strict food safety and quality standards as well as provide excellent flavor.
We are dedicated to device creative ways to serve our wide variety of teppanyaki dishes (of which we offer over 50 options) including meat dishes using domestic beef steak, fish dishes, and several vegetable dishes.


Hiroshima Full Moon Okonomiyaki990Yen (incl. tax)

The sheets of nori (dried seaweed) is the night sky, sesame seeds are stars, and the round yolk of the egg is the full moon.
This idea was born when I watched the beautiful view of a full moon floating by Hiroshima Castle.

Carp Cheering Okonomiyaki - Medium Spicy Red Okkon990Yen (incl. tax)

A deliciously spicy okonomiyaki made with red noodles kneaded with chili peppers.
On days when the Hiroshima Carp baseball team wins a match, we offer a 100 yen discount to celebrate!

Goemon Rolls935Yen (incl. tax)

Yakisoba that is wrapped in pork and eggs, rolled like a sandwich wrap, with kimchi and green onions inside. These Yakisoba rolls look and taste amazing!