Hotel Zurich Toho 2001 – Sawadee Lemongrass Grill

Enjoy authentic Thai cuisine prepared by a Thai chef who will prepare a variety of irresistible dishes including sour & spicy tom yum kung with plenty of shrimp broth!

Enjoy a wide selection of authentic Thai dishes prepared by a Thai chef from Bangkok such as the popular soup dish tom yum kung (“tom yum” or “tom yam” is a Thai sour and spicy hot soup with “kung” added when containing shrimp).

In addition to Thai dishes, you can also enjoy Japanese food such as sashimi (fresh raw fish slices served with soy sauce) and tempura (ingredients deep-fried in batter), and Italian food such as pasta and pizza.
We are connected to the famous Hiroshima cake shop BACKEN MOZART so feel free to enjoy your meal with a cup of coffee.


Gapao Rice870Yen (incl. tax)

(Gapao (Thai for “holy basil”) is a classic Thai fried rice dish.)
We serve this popular authentic Thai dish (often served in food stalls in Thailand) for lunch or dinner. Enjoy the rich flavor with an excellent aroma of Thai herbs with a mild spiciness. Feel free to pair with tom yum kung for a superb combination.

Steak Set1,200Yen (incl. tax)

We serve high quality Australian beef loin pre-cut so that you can enjoy the delicious meat right away. This set comes with rice or natural yeast bread. BACKEN MOZART mini dessert and coffee is included during lunchtime.

Apple Pie Set830Yen (incl. tax)

BACKEN MOZART's specialty apple pie freshly baked in the oven!
Enjoy this delicious pie with the wonderful texture of crispy apples combined with the aroma of genuine butter. We recommend this set with an original ‘Alcafe’ blend coffee.