BACKEN MOZART (Chuo-dori Branch)

A Western confectionary shop born in Hiroshima where you can buy the perfect sweet souvenirs. On the 4th floor you can also enjoy authentic Thai cuisine made by a Thai chef.

Bakken Mozart is a Western confectionery shop that was born in Hiroshima and has been loved for many years. This Chuo-dori branch is also known as “Mozart House.”
On the 1st floor and the mezzanine floor, we have cakes as well as other baked confectionery, cookies, and jellies. We also recommend freshly baked cookies made with Hiroshima oats as a souvenir.
The 2nd floor is a café where you can sit and relax while enjoying cakes, pasta, etc. with your favorite coffee.
On the 4th floor you will find "Sawasdee Lemongrass Grill," a Thai restaurant with the longest history in Hiroshima with delicious authentic dishes made by a skilled Thai chef.


Cheesecake Set600Yen (incl. tax)

A cheesecake beloved by everyone in Hiroshima since its creation.
Using milk, fresh cream, fresh eggs, and a little flour, the dough is made with a surprisingly generous amount of dairy ingredients. We carefully and evenly steam bake with hot water which gives the cake a smooth and airy texture with a unique taste.
Please enjoy a relaxing time while enjoying this heavenly cheesecake with a hand-dripped coffee blend.

Gapao Rice1,210Yen (incl. tax)

(Served at “Sawadee Lemongrass Grill” on the 4th floor.)
Gapao (Thai for “holy basil”) is a classic Thai fried rice dish.
You can choose from chicken, beef, pork, or seafood. The spiciness can be adjusted to your liking so you can enjoy it mildly hot or traditional Thai-style super spicy.
The ingredients are stir-fried with Thai seasoning with fragrant basil, and then topped with a fried egg.
Feel free to mix the ingredients together or enjoy as it is. Enjoy to your liking.

[Weekday only] Sawadee Dinner Set1,700Yen (incl. tax)

A great-value-for-money dinner set that includes appetizer and soup.
You can choose from 4 main dishes:
Gapao Rice / Thai Curry / Pad Thai / Khao Man Kai (Hainanese Chicken Rice)
This set is also popular in the afternoon. Please feel free to drop by and enjoy for dinner or lunch.