Seasonal Fish & Delicious Sake – Nakanakaya

Enjoy seasonal live fish, vegetables, delicious sake, and even fresh whale meat including rare parts that are sent directly from Taiji!

For over 20 years in Osaka in the cities of Abiko and Namba, I have been running a restaurant that specializes in seasonal fish, vegetables, shochu (distilled liquor), and sake (rice wine). About 3 years ago, I opened this restaurant here in the city of Hiroshima under the same name.
During my time in Osaka, my friend sent fish from their live fish market in Tatsugahama, known for being Japan’s No. 1 catchers of largehead hairtail (a type of cutlass fish). My dedication to the fish’s freshness is still something that I take seriously.

Wakayama is famous for Taiji whales in its prospering coastal whaling economy. At Nakanakaya, we purchase fresh and rare parts from Taiji. We hope you enjoy the delicious whale meat in a variety of forms which we serve in our whale courses, including whale sashimi (fresh raw slices) that you can order individually, so please feel free to ask.

The kimchi (Korean dish of spicy pickled cabbage) hot pot course was a hot topic featured on TV and is still a popular course to this day with many customers making reservations. The sweet and spicy hot pot is filled with plenty of vegetables. After the contents are consumed, you can later add spicy ramen noodles to the remaining soup, or you can make a spicy cheese risotto by adding rice and cheese. This hot pot is delicious all around till the very last drop. We offer this as part of a course or as an individual menu item order.

Additionally, we offer a wide variety of seasonal courses and you can order from our à la carte menu including assortments of fresh sashimi and dishes with plenty of seasonal vegetables.
There are spacious counters as well as large and small private rooms that you are free to use to enjoy a pleasant meal with your close friends and family.


Assorted Whale Sashimi - Sent Directly from Taiji Town, Wakayama Prefecture3,300+Yen (incl. tax)

Taiji, Wakayama, known as a whale town, is where the only coastal whaling company in Japan is located. It has a long history of whaling since the early Edo period (1603 - 1868), a tradition that is upheld to this day. You can enjoy various part of the delicious whale meat such as whale tongue, raw ridged whale bacon, lean red meat, fatty skin, rare tail fin meat, etc.

Whale Hot Pot (Hari-Hari Nabe)Small size 1,650Yen (incl. tax)

During the Muromachi period (1338–1573), whales were served only in special banquets for public houses. Eventually this dish became known in Osaka as "hari-hari nabe" containing whale and mizuna (Japanese mustard greens). This hot pot, which is a rarity in Hiroshima, is very popular with gourmets. We also offer this dish in our whale course.

*Orders are accepted from 2 servings under a single bill.

Kimchi Hot Pot1,320Yen (incl. tax)

Nakanakaya’s popular hot pot that was also well-loved in Osaka. Shortly after coming to Hiroshima, this dish was featured in the television show “Yokubari Alice” and has received many reservations since.
The perfect balance of sweetness and spiciness creates an irresistible dish that makes customers want to keep eating more.
Seldom seen in Hiroshima, we use an electric powered pot that heats up quickly so the hot pot will be ready to eat in no time.
To tie it all up, add spicy ramen to the remaining soup which will be deliciously soaked up into the noodles. You can also add rice and melted cheese to enjoy as a mouth-watering cheese risotto.
We are happy to serve this delicious hot pot that customers of all ages can enjoy to the very last drop.

*Orders are accepted from 2 servings under a single bill.