Butter Castella RANGAKUDOU

Our butter “castella” cakes are soft and light in texture without the use of honey so this gentle cake can be safely enjoyed by toddlers as well.

We use only ingredients made in Japan, particularly from Hiroshima. We do not rely on additives and do not use honey, so it is safe to eat for small children and the elderly. Our chef, who has 30 years of experience, makes each cake with care to create an airy and fine texture and mild sweetness.


Butter Castella1,200Yen (incl. tax)

Castella made with a special technique that interweaves air to create a fine texture that almost melts in your mouth.
Because multiple factors such as the water content of eggs, temperature, and humidity can affect the outcome, it takes a skillful chef to make this Japanese sponge cake.
Please enjoy every fluffy and moist bite of this cake created by a skilled craftsman.

Raspberry Butter Castella1,400Yen (incl. tax)

We use 100% natural freeze-dried raspberry powder with no additives to create a refreshing sweet and mildly tart flavor.

Rich Chocolate Butter Castella1,600Yen (incl. tax)

An extravagant rich chocolate butter castella made using France's finest Valrhona bitter chocolate which is used in many chocolate specialty stores. The cake is fluffy and moist with a wonderful fragrance of dark chocolate that gives just the right sweetness.