Nihonkai Shoya (Hiroshima Higashi Ebisu-dori)

Enjoy Japanese delicacies in a relaxed space with a great selection of fresh seafood from the Hiroshima Bay and San’in region.

We are a Japanese restaurant run by skilled craftsmen who use the finest ingredients to provide customers with a wonderful culinary experience in a relaxing and comfortable space with a casual atmosphere.

Our fresh sashimi dishes are the most popular, especially our White Squid “Sugatazukuri” which is sent in directly from the San'in region, that is loved for its sweet and rich taste.
Our other popular dishes include our 5-piece sashimi assortment, braised or salt-grilled “nodoguro” (blackthroat seaperch), and horse meat dishes prepared as fatty marbled sashimi, lean sashimi, or liver yukhoe (raw meat dish similar to steak tartare).
We also serve many Hiroshima specialties such as "anago" (Japanese conger eel) sashimi, "ko-iwashi” (small sardines) served as sashimi or tempura, and "gansu" (crispy deep-fried fish paste cake).
The calming atmosphere of our restaurant allows customers to relax with ample space to sit comfortably and observe social distancing measures against the coronavirus.

We are dedicated towards being a restaurant that makes customers happy and satisfied and look forward to serving everyone for many more years to come.


White Squid “Sugata Zukuri”1,958Yen (incl. tax)

“Sugata zukuri” (sashimi prepared from an entire fish cut up into pieces and arranged to recreate its original living shape) of a swordtip squid (also simply referred to as "white squid") fished from the San’in region. The white squid has a particularly delightful umami, sweetness, and texture.
The squid is first served sashimi style on a plate; the tentacles and “ears” of the squid (the arrowhead-like part on each side of its head) will be served later as tempura or grilled with salt.

Conger Eel “Sugata Zukuri”1,408Yen (incl. tax)

“Sugata zukuri” (sashimi prepared from an entire fish cut up into pieces and arranged to recreate its original living shape) of “anago” (Japanese conger eel). This Hiroshima specialty eel is a healthy fish that has cholesterol-lowering and antithrombotic properties. Can be enjoyed with “ponzu” (a tangy citrus & soy-based sauce) and grated Momiji (Japanese autumn/maple leaf).

Braised “Nodoguro” (Rosy Seabass)1,738Yen (incl. tax)

This high-grade fish, "nodoguro" (blackthroat seaperch, also known as rosy seabass), is skillfully braised by craftsmen to fall-off-the-bone tenderness as the plump meat melts in your mouth with exquisite flavor. Alternatively, you can enjoy this fish grilled with salt.