Enjoy delicious dishes made by yours truly using organic ingredients that are locally produced for local consumption.

Yuihito, which is run by two people including a female chef, offers dishes using safe and natural ingredients that do not rely on pesticides and additives. We use organic vegetables that are grown with care by farmers at Shiwa and we prepare our own soup stock by hand fresh every day. We use wild-caught fish and meat made from healthy grazing cattle. It is because we select and prepare our ingredients with utmost care that we are able to make delicious meals.
Our restaurant has a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere with 6 seats at the counter and 2 tables with 4 seats each. We are a popular restaurant with many happy customers of all genders.
We also serve alcoholic beverages and specialize in Yamaguchi brand Japanese wine. Please feel free to ask us what drink we recommend with your meal.


Organic Grilled Vegetables1,300Yen (incl. tax)

Vegetables produced by "Suma's Natural Farm" of Shiwa are made without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The vegetables are grown seasonally with love and care, which brings out their full flavor and sweetness.
We use 10 to 12 kinds of vegetables (depending on stock) and grill them with rapeseed oil and serve with tapenade sauce.

Organic Beef Steak2,000Yen (incl. tax)

The beef we use come from cattle that have been raised in a pasture grazing 100% on naturally grown grass every day, raised completely naturally and freely without being fed grains, supplements, or growth hormones.
This delicious red meat steak is full of nutrients.
We recommend the steak to be cooked medium rare.

Nyumen (Somen Noodles in Hot Soup)1,000Yen (incl. tax)

The soup is made from bonito and kelp stock that is delicately prepared every day.
Carefully picked by producers in Kagoshima Prefecture’s Makurazaki City, we use Taikou's dried bonito and pure kelp from Hokkaido.
To this umami-rich soup stock, we add delicious Nara's three-year Miwa somen (smooth and thin white wheat-flour noodles) which are known for having an excellent and delicate taste. Enjoy further by adding fresh white fish fillets to enhance the flavor.