Sushi Nakamoto

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Enjoy authentic sushi that will capture the hearts of gourmets. Every sushi is made by skilled sushi craftsmen using the most delicious carefully selected seasonal ingredients.

Watch a splendid array of colorful sashimi and other gorgeous dishes made using seasonal ingredients lined up in front of you. Enjoy conversing with the friendly owners while washing down delicious food with Japanese alcoholic beverages.
We prepare the most delicious food picked at its peak season. We pay careful attention to not only fish but also the rice and seasoning. It is because of our attention to detail that we are able to craft carefully made delicious dishes that attract loyal customers that regularly come even from outside the prefecture.
Our restaurant has a nice atmosphere, food that attracts gourmets, and excellent customer service that will satisfy the needs of any customers.
Please enjoy the taste of authentic Japanese cuisine made by craftsmen in a comforting atmosphere.


Anago (Conger Eel)10,000Yen (incl. tax)

Enjoy conger with a fluffy and fatty texture that almost melts in your mouth.
* Also served in our 10,000 yen Chef’s Choice Course.

Yonakigai (Mussel)10,000Yen (incl. tax)

This spindle shelled mussel has a chewy texture with a unique umami flavor.
*Also served in our 10,000 Yen Chef’s Choice Course.

Otsumami (Snacks Paired with Alcoholic Beverage)10,000Yen (incl. tax)

Please enjoy snacks that we make with heartfelt care using seasonal ingredients that pair well with our drinks.
* Also served in our 10,000 yen Chef’s Choice Course.