Teppanyaki Momonoki

A long-established steakhouse serving Hiroshima Kuroge Wagyu beef steak and other dishes using local ingredients from the sea and mountains of Hiroshima.

Teppanyaki Momonoki is a long-established steakhouse in Hiroshima founded in 1987.
We use A5 grade “Kuroge” Wagyu beef (one of four native Japanese beef cattle breeds) raised in Hiroshima.
In addition to steak, we also serve dishes using a variety of delicious seasonal ingredients including seafood and vegetables.
In recent years, we have been having an increasing number of customers from abroad. We are happy and honored that people from all over the world are enjoying the delicious wonders of Japanese food.


Deluxe Course (A5 Japanese Black Beef Steak, Seasonal Seafood, and Vegetables) 10,780Yen (incl. tax)

A full-course dinner consisting of 8 dishes:
• An assortment of 7 hors d'oeuvres
• Soup
• Wild-caught grilled shrimp
• Seasonal seafood / teppanyaki
• Salad
• A5 Japanese black beef Wagyu steak (tenderloin or sirloin)
• Garlic rice
• Dessert

We also offer alternative dinner courses for ¥8,580 (tax incl.) and ¥15,180 (tax incl.).

A5 Japanese “Kuroge” Black Beef Wagyu Steak (150g / ~5.3 oz)6,930Yen (incl. tax)

With a focus on Hiroshima beef, we select the highest quality A5 Japanese Wagyu beef of the day to prepare your choice of tenderloin or sirloin steak.
Enjoy the delicious flavors and juices that spread in your mouth when you take a bite of this premium steak.

Sea Urchins & Spinach2,750Yen (incl. tax)

A generous serving of sea urchins with spinach that stands out from similar dishes served in other restaurants.
We simply charge the production cost of the ingredients alone to make this luxurious seafood dish as affordable as possible because we want many customers to be able to enjoy this amazing delicacy.
We recommend ordering this dish to accompany your steak.