A long-established Italian restaurant in Hiroshima where you can enjoy authentic Italian food in a classical interior.

Enjoy gourmet Italian cuisine and a variety of wines in a relaxing atmosphere.
Our fine dishes are prepared by a skilled chef who studied culinary arts in Italy. With this valuable experience, we have been bringing excitement to our customers for 40 years with authentic local Italian dishes and a wide collection of wines.
We also offer lavish courses using the finest selections of superb ingredients.
Enjoy a special moment with your loved ones in a warm-colored classical interior.
We look forward to welcoming you.


Special Course (to celebrate special occasions)8,000Yen (incl. tax)

A chef-entrusted course made with the finest ingredients and culinary techniques.
~for 1 person~
*Reservation required (at least 2 days in advance)

• Assortment of 2 types of appetizers (cold)
• Warm appetizers
• Pasta of the day
• Fish dish of the day
• Meat dish of the day
• Assortment of handmade bread
• Hand brewed dolce coffee

Reservation deadline: 9:00 p.m. two days before the desired date
Days available for reservation: Monday through Saturday

~Stella~ Enjoy a genuine Italian full-course meal6,000Yen (incl. tax)

How about a casual authentic Italian full-course meal that you can enjoy at ease?
Perfect for dates and celebratory gatherings with family.
No reservation required.
*Please note that contents may change depending on the available of ingredients during the season.
*The following is an example menu:
━━━ Antipasti Appetizer ━━━
◆ Cold appetizer (e.g. insalata (salad) of Wakayama Prefecture octopus and spring vegetables)
◆ Warm appetizer (e.g. zuppa (soup) with eggs and soramame (fava bean) from Sera)
━━━ Assortment of 2 types of handmade bread ━━━
━━━ Pasta ━━━
*Firefly squid and brussels sprouts Mancini spaghetti
━━━ Pesce (Fish) ━━━
*Finely broiled Japanese Spanish mackerel with Japanese “nanohana” blossom sauce
━━━ Carne (Meat) ━━━
*Lamb Cacciatore
━━━ Dolce & Espresso ━━━
*Strawberry panna cotta and herb gelato balsamic sauce dessert
(Espresso can be changed to regular coffee or tea upon request)

"Large Plate Party Course" (For banquets) including free drinks for 2 hours5,000Yen (incl. tax)

How about an Italian food party for various banquets or small drinking parties?
Please feel free to contact us regarding the number of guests, budget, food details, free drinks, etc.
This 8-meal course comes with a 2-hour free drink service. Dishes include appetizers that use locally-grown organic vegetables recommended by the chef, seafood dishes made with fresh fish from the sea of Setouchi, and delicious pizza and pasta.
*Please note that contents may change depending on the available of ingredients during the season.
*The following is an example menu:
[3 assorted cold appetizers]
◆ Fresh fish carpaccio of the day
◆ Assorted raw cured ham
◆ Healthy organic vegetables salad
[Three warm appetizers]
◆ Grilled “Maruhime” pork
◆ Sautéed fresh fish
◆ Oven-baked eggplant & tomato
[1 item of pasta]
◆ Tuna and mushroom tomato spaghetti
Dessert of the day
[Free drinks]
Bottled beer (Asahi medium bottle), red wine, white wine (bottle), 6 types of cocktails, 6 types of soft drinks