Yakitori Bonro

Enjoy the marriage of yakitori and wine! We use an original cooking method that enhances the flavor of the grilled chicken paired with carefully selected wine.

Enjoy a novel style of "yakitori" (grilled chicken skewers) paired with carefully selected wines chosen by the chef.
Bonro is a unique yakitori restaurant that uses spices instead of the usual salt or Japanese dipping sauce used in traditional yakitori. We use “Hiroshima akadori” chicken which we age for a week allowing for the sweet fat to soak into the meat. This method brings out a deep umami that makes for an ideal companion to wine.


Chef’s Selection3,000Yen (excl. tax)

Enjoy the chef’s choice of 8 skewers (including 2 vegetable skewers). The yakitori is proudly made with the chef’s craftsmanship that brings out the flavors of each ingredient to the fullest, seasoned with a unique sauce made with ingredients such as caramel and star anise that you will not come across in traditional Japanese yakitori restaurants. The chicken is then grilled at the perfect temperature.
We want customers to enjoy the finest yakitori like never before as if eating something a little luxurious and special compared to a typical casual yakitori.

Semi-Private Room Course (up to 4 people)7,500Yen (excl. tax)

Enjoy seasonal ingredients.
For a limited time until the end of February, we are offering skewered oysters "Kakimusume" using fresh sashimi-grade oysters from the strait of Ondo-no-seto which we grill with care till it has a crispy texture bringing out the flavor to the fullest.
In addition, rare dishes may appear on the menu depending on the season. Please come by and look forward to trying something new each time you visit.
We can also prepare a special menu by reservation, so please feel free to contact us.

Glass of Wine (Red / White) 3 or 4 Types800+Yen (excl. tax)

We carefully select the best wine that matches our uniquely made yakitori to make a supreme marriage of flavors.
We always have 3-4 types of red and white wines available while changing bottles depending on the season. Please choose a glass that suits your mood and taste to enjoy with your yakitori.
Additionally, the owner may also recommend a selection of 5 types of Japanese alcoholic beverages according to what pairs well with your dish.
Please enjoy the mellow flavor of delicious yakitori and fine wine to your heart's content.