Teppan Dining Tetsuya

A teppanyaki dining hideout where you can enjoy both Hiroshima style and Kansai style okonomiyaki while listening to Jazz!

We are a famous hideaway teppanyaki restaurant, just a 3-minute walk from Hondori Station in the heart of Hiroshima City.
We offer a wide range of specialty dishes, including Hiroshima style and Kansai style okonomiyaki.
(Okonomiyaki (“cooked as you like”) is a Japanese savory pancake-like dish made with a flour-based batter and cabbage, containing a variety of ingredients from vegetables to meat and/or fish. Hiroshima style okonomiyaki is cooked with layered ingredients and typically includes noodles, whereas Kansai style okonomiyaki is cooked with the ingredients mixed with the batter)
We especially recommend our signature menu item "Super Thick Yakisoba" (stir-fry noodles) and "Sujikon Negi Yaki" (okonomiyaki with grilled beef cuts, konjac, and green onions marinated in light soy sauce).
The design of our interior is a mixture of "Japanese & Modern," with a relaxing atmosphere where adults can enjoy a luxurious time with good food and jazz music.

Private rooms that can hold 10 to 15 people are available. We can arrange banquets of up to 50 people.


Tetsuya's Super Thick Yakisoba900Yen (incl. tax)

Our signature stir-fried noodles that boasts specially made thick noodles that you will rarely come across in Hiroshima! Once you try these noodles you will want to keep coming back for more!
*Fried egg topping costs an additional 100 yen.

Succulent Horumonyaki900Yen (incl. tax)

Tetsuya's most popular and recommended menu item! This grilled meat offal melts in your mouth with an irresistible texture and a rich yet mellow flavor.

Delicious Diced Sirloin Steak1,830Yen (incl. tax)

It goes without saying, this thick and juicy meat brings everyone a moment of pure joy.