Nihon Ryori Umemoto

A long-established Japanese restaurant satisfying the wishes of those who seek authentic delicacies.

Umemoto is a Japanese restaurant with 50 years of experience. We provide our customers with Japanese cuisine cooked with heartfelt dedication made with carefully selected vegetables and meat and fresh fish from the Setouchi area.
We take pride in our “ginshari” (white rice) and prepare delicious dashi (Japanese soup stock) that is incorporated into seasonal ingredients.
At Umemoto, you can enjoy exquisite dishes without breaking the bank.
*For an evening course, please make a reservation one day in advance.


Lunch Course1,800~Yen (excl. tax)

Traditional Japanese lunch set incorporating ingredients from the Setouchi area.
Your choice of the following 3 options:

Ichiju-sansai (“1 soup, 3 dishes” with rice & pickled dishes) ... \1,800 (excluding tax)
*includes 1 of the following options: sashimi, tempura, or steak.

Ichiju-yonsai (“1 soup & 4 dishes” with rice & pickled dishes) ... \2,800 (excluding tax)
*includes 2 of the following options: sashimi, tempura, or steak.

Ichiju-gosai (“1 soup & 5 dishes” with rice & pickled dishes) ... \3,800 (excluding tax)
*includes sashimi, tempura, and steak.

Evening Course5,500+Yen (excl. tax)

A lavish dinner course to enjoy the delicacies from the mountains and sea of Setouchi, including colorful hors d'oeuvres "kuchidorihassan" crafted in a gorgeous arrangement.
Since seasonal ingredients are used, the contents vary monthly.
There are 2 options:
The standard course with 8 dishes for \5,500 (8 items) and an upgraded course with 10 dishes for \8,000.

Umemoto’s Takeout Order2,000+Yen (excl. tax)

For \2,000, enjoy Umemoto’s lavish bento (Japanese lunch box), incorporating colorful ingredients from the Setouchi area with our specialty rice and miso soup.
*a more extensive 3-person serving bento is also available for \10,000 (excluding tax).