Okonomiyaki BOSS

Teppanyaki (Japanese flat iron grill cooking) is all about having fun! Gather around the grill and let’s have a great time with delicious food!

Teppanyaki with smiles all around! It ain’t true teppanyaki without fun!
Let’s all gather together around the hot iron griddle and have a great time! Who knows, maybe you’ll make new life-long friends here!
To make an enjoyable experience, the owner Mr. Okamoto (endearingly nicknamed “occhan,” which is an informal/casual Japanese term for an older man) prepares special ingredients every night and day to create amazing dishes for everyone to enjoy!
Families, couples, colleagues, and international guests are all welcome!
As long as we share the common universal love for "delicious food" and "happy smiles" shared across cultures, anything is possible at BOSS!
Now come on in and let’s have an awesome time!


Tsukimi (Moon Viewing) Style Okonomiyaki1,250Yen (incl. tax)

Okonomiyaki with Plenty of Oysters1,600Yen (incl. tax)

Garlic Octopus880Yen (incl. tax)