Okonomiyaki packed with flavor and juices from beef tallow cooked with stir-fried vegetables and chopped cabbage. Enjoy the taste of Hiroshima loved by locals!

The exquisite harmony of our ingredients is what makes our okonomiyaki shine.
The cabbage is cut into thick pieces and cooked with beef tallow. We use fresh thin noodles, and a traditional Japanese sauce called “carp sauce” which was invented in the 2nd year of the Meiji era (an era which spanned from 1868-1912).
We also serve many other Hiroshima specialties such as grilled oysters and Wagyu beef horumon (meat offal).
Please come and enjoy Yakunja’s teppanyaki (flat iron grill cooking) dishes that have been loved by locals in Hiroshima for generations!!


Grilled Oyster with Butter & Ponzu1,060Yen (excl. tax)

Our specialty Miyajima oysters grilled with butter and seasoned with a rich “ponzu” (a tangy citrus & soy-based sauce) made in Yamaguchi Prefecture’s town of Kaminoseki.

Koune990Yen (excl. tax)

“Koune” is a cut of fatty beef around the shoulder rib area.
Enjoy the rare, juicy meat of these quality beef cuts that we roast swiftly with a burner.

Konjac with Smelt Roe490Yen (excl. tax)

A hidden specialty of Hiroshima, this kon'nyaku (konjac) is kneaded with shishamo roe (eggs of “smelt”, a type of small fish). The plump texture is loved by many customers.