Loved by both locals and international guests, we make delicious okonomiyaki tailored to your liking.

Our okonomiyaki has a nostalgic taste that Hiroshima people reminisce about and is also highly praised by international guests.
Entering our 11th year of operation, we have been constantly fine-tuning our menu over the years, always striving to deliver the best experience by combining our culinary expertise with the valued feedback made by customers.

We also aim to pursue a classic Hiroshima taste that people in late adulthood, like the owner himself, enjoyed since childhood.

We accommodate your dietary needs and allergies, so you can feel at ease and enjoy okonomiyaki that is tailored just for you.


Niku-Tama-Soba Cheese Okonomiyaki890Yen (incl. tax)

Sandwiched between this popular Hiroshima niku-tama-soba (“meat-egg-noodles”) okonomiyaki is a delicious layer of melted cheddar cheese.

Wagyu Beef Niku-Tama-Soba Okonomiyaki980Yen (incl. tax)

In place of the usual pork used in classic Hiroshima niku-tama-soba (“meat-egg-noodles”) okonomiyaki, we use Wagyu beef, trapping all the precious umami inside the ingredients with sweet juices permeating through a generous serving of finely chopped cabbage.

Horumon Teppanyaki950Yen (incl. tax)

The poster child of enticing teppanyaki, our horumon (meat offal) are cooked with a handmade sauce that is made by blending 13 kinds of ingredients with soy sauce and Hatcho miso as the base, cooked together with bean sprouts and chopped cabbage.