Please enjoy our famous fluffy dome-shaped okonomiyaki made with our special noodles that are made in-house.

Our original fluffy dome-shaped okonomiyaki is carefully made by yours truly, from the noodles to the sauce.
Our original "Hiroshima Crystal Sauce" maximizes the harmony and flavor of okonomiyaki with lemon and oysters fished from the Seto Inland Sea!
We make homemade Chinese noodles specially made for okonomiyaki at our dedicated Sozo noodle-making facility.
Our complimentary grated daikon radish topping goes perfectly with the mild sweetness of our Crystal Sauce!
Our skilled flat iron grill chefs make full use of quality materials without any artificial seasoning, so you can taste the full natural deliciousness of every ingredient.
Please enjoy!


Grilled Oyster with Butter900Yen (excl. tax)

The oysters are picked during peak season and steamed before individually quick-freezing them to preserve their shape and flavor so that you can enjoy them all year round!

Koune1,100Yen (excl. tax)

“Koune” is a cut of fatty beef around the shoulder rib area that Hiroshima people love. Please enjoy this precious piece of beef which is rich in collagen and gelatin.

Anago (Conger Eel) Shirayaki1,380Yen (excl. tax)

“Anago meshi” (grilled conger eel with rice) is one of Hiroshima’s specialties that you must try!
At Sozo, we use fresh conger eel and prepare it “shirayaki” style (grilled without sauce) to fully enjoy the flavor of the eel’s fatty meat by itself.
This menu item is recommended as a side-dish.