Hiroshima Sakedokoro – Otamaya

Enjoy over 50 types of local Hiroshima sake as well as a variety of outstanding Hiroshima dishes made with very fresh ingredients.

~Local Hiroshima Sake~
We have over 50 kinds of local sake from 44 breweries in Hiroshima, including local sake that you will rarely find elsewhere. Please drop by whether you are coming on a business trip or sightseeing.

~Special Taste~
We use a variety of carefully selected ingredients from seasonal vegetables and meat from freshly procured animals which we deep-fry in batter into crispy seasonal tempura.

~Hiroshima Ingredients~
Please enjoy the taste of Hiroshima by having Hiroshima Wagyu beef, large oysters from Miyajima, Gansu, and a variety of other Hiroshima specialty ingredients which you can enjoy with local sake.


Okonomiyaki850Yen (incl. tax)

Enjoy the taste of this classic okonomiyaki cooked with a method that the chef has maintained for over 30 years that brings out the sweetness of steamed and stir fried cabbage. Feel free to add a variety of toppings.

Dried Oyster Skewers500Yen (incl. tax)

Please enjoy delicious oysters dried overnight to fortify their deep flavors. Please enjoy delicious oysters that meet strict standards along with Hiroshima sake.

Handmade Gansu (Deep-fried Fish Paste Cake)720Yen (incl. tax)

The Hiroshima-born specialty dish "gansu" is a crispy deep-fried fish paste cake. Although the usual gansu can be eaten anywhere in Hiroshima, what makes ours unique is that it is specially made with “chinu” (Japanese black seabream, also known as “kurodai”), so this rare gansu is a must-try item at Otamaya.