Enjoy delicious Japanese cuisine that encompasses the essence of each season with a full line-up of excellent sake.

Each of the four distinct seasons in Japan bears delicious gifts. That is why Japanese cuisine makes the most out of every seasonal ingredient to make wonderful delicacies.

As our menu changes based on the season and stock of the day, look forward to trying something new every time you visit. Please feel free to ask the owner for the recommendation of the day. We are always focusing on the development of new menus to bring you an excellent culinary experience.

About 20 kinds of Japanese sake are always stocked with new batches cycled every week, including rare brews that we recommend sake lovers to try. Feel free to enjoy a drink of sake to accompany your meal.


Assortment of 8 Sashimi1980Yen (incl. tax)

A standard menu item that is popular throughout the year with varying assortments changing daily depending on the season and chosen fish.
We prepare the sashimi (fresh raw fish cut into thin slices served with soy sauce) with flavors tailored to each fish, so please enjoy each fresh and delicious cut as served.
The sashimi are prepared in Edo Period style seasoned with some of the following seasonings:
・ Simmered soy-sauce
・ Kelp stock
・ Ginger and garlic
・ Celery and other fragrant vegetables

(Shokichi Specialty) Fried Oysters880Yen (incl. tax)

Available during a limited time from autumn to spring (around October to May), this specialty dish of delicious fried oysters has a unique appearance that distinguishes it from other fried oysters you may come across.
The oysters, which come from Eba, Hiroshima, are covered with a cornstarch pasta batter before frying which not only prevents shrinkage but also gives them a nice crispy outer layer while preserving the plumpness and juices of the oysters inside.

*During the summer season when oysters are hard to come by, we offer fried scallops. The large scallops are kept rare before frying, so the freshness and flavor of the juicy shellfish is tightly packed inside.

Hiroshima Lemon Udon880Yen (incl. tax)

Have a refreshing lemon-flavored udon (classic Japanese wheat-flour noodles in broth) after a nice drink!
A simple udon made using two Hiroshima lemons with just the right sourness, and an excellent broth that is made with time and care.
Many customers order this as a final note to their meal, making this a discreetly popular menu item.

*In the event that we are out of Hiroshima lemons, we prepare sudachi udon instead. (Sudachi is a small round and green sour Japanese citrus fruit that can be used in place of lemon or lime.)