Sky Dining RIHGA TOP

A restaurant on the top floor of the hotel with scenery that changes from day to night. Enjoy a lavish time with superb hospitality unique to a luxurious hotel.

Located on the top floor of Rihga Royal Hotel, this restaurant has a beautiful view of Hiroshima that changes with the passage of time from day to night. All day from breakfast to dinner, we serve and strive to provide a lovely culinary experience that meets the needs of our guests.
The spacious interior of our restaurant has a ceiling reaching 6 meters high (about 6.56 yards) with natural colors and a lively open kitchen. During the day, bask in the soft sunlight that shines through the glass to create a warm atmosphere. On the terrace seats, you can relax while looking at the greenery and experience the beauty of Japan’s four seasons.
*For guests wishing lacto vegetarian or vegan options, please contact us and make a reservation in advance so that we can make the proper arrangements.


Sky Lunch ~With Sweets Buffet~3,993+Yen (incl. tax)

Amuse-bouche, appetizer (from a choice of 4 kinds), main dish (from a choice of 4 kinds), sweets buffet (using an order system), and coffee are included.
We offer 20 kinds of lavish options in our sweets buffet. Besides our popular strawberry shortcakes and macarons, we also serve rich tea scented cake with roasted caramel, Earl Gray Pudding with a rich texture, and seasonal sweets.
Additionally, we have introduced a tablet ordering system so that you can order sweets while sitting at the comfort of your seat.
The lunch hours are unlimited, so you can take your time conversing while enjoying sweets to your heart's content.

*Price includes service charge

Anniversary Plan2 servings 16,000Yen (incl. tax)

Enjoy a special dinner at the top floor with a sparkling night view while spending a joyful time celebrating special occasions such birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and proposals.

[Reservation required at least the day before]
5:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. (2-hour system)

•Salmon paupiette stuffed with quinoa and vegetables covered in a lemon-flavored foam sauce
•Prosciutto di Parma (cured ham) carving service with salad tailored to your liking
•Red shrimp poêlé (steam-fried) with garlic herb butter sauce
•Sea bream steamed with red wine
•Veal cordon bleu with cooked vegetables
•Garganelli's pescatore (fish dish)

* The menu contents vary each season.
* Price includes service charge.

[Executive Floor Guests Only] Breakfast ~Western or Japanese Cuisine~-Yen (incl. tax)

To make your stay in Hiroshima even more memorable we offer two types of breakfast – Japanese and Western cuisine – using local ingredients to exemplify the taste of Hiroshima.
The Western cuisine station is led under the supervision of executive chef Mitsuhiro Toyoda, who strives to serve guests the blessings of Hiroshima through a creative execution in a beautiful display with various textures.
Our Japanese course features 9 dishes arranged in elegant baskets like an elegant afternoon tea set.
Thoroughly enjoy flavorful miso soups and other colorful delicacies made with seasonal Hiroshima ingredients.
Fill your eyes with the venue’s beautiful view lit by the morning sun as you enjoy your artfully made breakfast, adding more color to your memories of your Hiroshima trip.
* The photograph is a sample.
* Price includes room charge.