Chuuka-Soba Kunimatsu

A popular noodle restaurant originally from Nagano Prefecture that offers fast, affordable, delicious noodles, including Hiroshima’s specialty soupless tantanmen.

"Kunimatsu" started as a small restaurant in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture.
When I visited Hiroshima during my travels, I was amazed by the taste of soupless tantanmen (noodles based on dandan noodles originating from Chinese Sichuan cuisine). After trial and error, I was able to create my original take on tantanmen!
Relocating from Nagano to Hiroshima was a deliberate move to challenge myself. Kunimatsu has grown so popular with visitors from in and out of the prefecture that it is said to have sparked the second boom of Hiroshima tantanmen.
Please don’t hesitate to drop by and dine at the calm and welcoming atmosphere of Kunimatsu.


Soupless Tantanmen580Yen (incl. tax)

“Tantanmen,” which are noodles based on dandan noodles originating from Chinese Sichuan cuisine, has been modified with soy sauce and miso to adapt to the Japanese palate.
All of the seasonings including the 5-spice chili oil and soy sauce tare (thick sauce) are self-made by yours truly.
The chewy texture of the noodles and the sauce intertwined with the spice and umami make this dish irresistible.
You can choose from 5 levels of spiciness. For first-timers, level 2 is recommended.

Ramen650Yen (incl. tax)

After pouring much time and thought into creating my interpretation of everyone’s favorite Chinese noodles, I have created the long-awaited perfect ramen recipe.
Care is put into every ingredient from the chicken stock and pork fat base while bringing out the soy sauce flavor without relying on additives.
I hope you will enjoy this gentle-flavor ramen that you won’t get tired of eating.

KUNIMAX650Yen (incl. tax)

A Hiroshima original that was created after popular demand for a noodle dish using lots of green onions.
This is a deliciously sharp and spicy hot soupless noodle dish using chili oil, flower sansho peppers, and green onions to the “MAX.”