Italian Kitchen Dice-k

Casual Italian Style Restaurant loved by locals. We serve excellent fresh oysters from Akitsu.

Having inherited the taste and knowledge of his father who has been working at an Italian restaurant in Hiroshima for more than 35 years, the owner opened a second restaurant in front of Hiroshima station, providing locals with a casual and affordable way to enjoy Italian cuisine.
We offer exquisite oyster dishes that merge Italian culinary arts with locally produced Hiroshima oysters which are directly purchased from famous oyster producers of Akitsu Town.
Our lively and convenient location makes us popular with business people on weekdays and additional hungry locals on weekends. We aim to be an Italian Style restaurant loved by everyone for many years to come.


Grilled Oysters (with shell)350Yen (incl. tax)

Enjoy the rich flavor of these large mouth-watering oysters which were carefully selected by famous oyster producers of Akitsu Town, Hiroshima.

Grilled Oysters (with shell) ~Garlic Butter & Cheese~450Yen (incl. tax)

Our most popular oyster dish! Fresh, large-sized oysters purchased directly from oyster producers of Akitsu Town, seasoned with garlic butter and cheese.

Provence Style Oysters (with shell) ~Tomato Sauce & Cheese~450Yen (incl. tax)

A dish that allows you to enjoy an Italian-style arrangement of fresh oysters (purchased directly from oyster producers of Akitsu Town, Hiroshima), seasoned with tomato sauce and cheese.