A popular okonomiyaki restaurant loved by both locals and international visitors that is filled with colorful papers signed by celebrities!

An okonomiyaki restaurant owned by a former Chinese food chef. This popular restaurant is frequented by many entertainers and celebrities from all over the world whose autographs are signed on colored paper and affixed all over the walls and ceiling.
Along with the many tourists crowding Okonomimura there are many locals who visit as well especially during game season where Hiroshima Carp baseball team fans gather to watch from one of the TVs set up in many of the restaurants to cheer and celebrate with fellow fans and staff, adding an atmosphere of excitement and unity.
We thoroughly season our classic Hiroshima style okonomiyaki so it is bursting with flavor. In addition to okonomiyaki, Chinese-style stir-fry dishes are available, so you can enjoy something different each time you visit.
Oyster dishes which are available only in winter are also popular. Our butter grilled oyster is made by grilling a nice round and plump oyster on a teppanyaki griddle with butter trapping all the delicious juices and umami inside.


Hiroshima Special1,100Yen (incl. tax)

A popular okonomiyaki featuring “ika-ten” (pieces of squid deep-fried in batter) sprinkled with green onions.
Ika-ten is a popular topping for okonomiyaki in Hiroshima. The reason being that ika-ten adds a stronger flavor compared to the usual “ten-kasu” (small bits of crispy deep-fried flour batter).
With plenty of sliced cabbage and noodles, and a generous amount of sauce and green onions sprinkled on top, this sizable okonomiyaki is filling with a balanced flavor.

Contents summary: stir-fry noodles (your choice of Chinese noodles or udon (thick Japanese wheat-flour noodles)), meat, egg, fried squid, green onion

Okonomiyaki with Noodles850Yen (incl. tax)

Hiroshima's classic okonomiyaki.
“Niku-tama-soba/udon” okonomiyaki is made with pork, eggs, cabbage, and stir-fry noodles (your choice of Chinese noodles or thick Japanese wheat-flour “udon” noodles).
Please enjoy with the enticing aroma and flavor of the sauce.

Grilled Horumon (Meat Offal - Small Intestines)750Yen (incl. tax)

While waiting for your okonomiyaki to be made, we highly recommend ordering this tasty and quick dish of meat offal along with a drink
The plump meat offal is grilled on the hot iron grill with sliced leek and crispy garlic buds which give it a savory sweet and spicy flavor that goes well with beer.