Tsukemen Honpo – Karabu (Takaramachi Branch)

Enjoy eating Hiroshima tsukemen (dipping noodles) in a friendly atmosphere. We are second to none in our commitment to serving the pinnacle of deliciousness!

Head east on Peace Boulevard to find us near the Fuji Grand Hiroshima building in Takaramachi, Naka-ku. Since tsukemen is a dish that is usually enjoyed by mostly Japanese men, we opened in February of 2014 with the wish to become a noodle shop with a friendly atmosphere where women and families with children can comfortably come in and fully enjoy Hiroshima tsukemen.
The interior of the shop is unified with warm colors and soft lighting, so you can enjoy your meal in a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

We are always striving to work hard every day with the motto of "delivering the pinnacle of deliciousness to customers."
Through the staff’s skills and hospitality, we sincerely hope to deliver the most delicious noodles and allow customers to have an enjoyable time eating Hiroshima tsukemen at our restaurant that we prepare with care.

We have 3 tsukemen options available. You can also enjoy "Healthy Ramen with Plenty of Vegetables" with an adjustable level of spiciness which you can enjoy any season whether it’s summer or winter time.
Please try our popular side menu of rice with dozens of orders each day, especially our highly recommended "chashu pork rice"!


Classic Tsukemen (1 serving) with Chashu Pork Rice Set1,250Yen (incl. tax)

A classic spicy Hiroshima tsukemen ("dipping noodles" with toppings eaten while dipping in a sauce or broth that is served in a separate bowl.)
The crispy and sweet cabbage is lovingly prepared and steamed with care, adding a satisfying addition to the noodles which you can enjoy as it is or soaked in the dipping sauce.
Our unique chewy egg noodles complement the sauce which is further enhanced by the addition of cabbage to create a harmonious symphony of exquisite flavor in your mouth.
The side menu of chashu pork rice is an original creation of ours which we have perfected through trial and error in order to create the perfect mouth-watering rice bowl. Please enjoy this addictive set with a soft-boiled egg as a bonus.

* The set is OK for both tsukemen and ramen.

Seaweed & Green Onion Tsukemen (1 serving)850Yen (incl. tax)

We use carefully selected soft nori (dried seaweed) with a fragrant scent and flavor that adds umami and a touch of sweetness to the rich sauce.
Enjoy the delicious combination of this wonderful noodle dish with a generous serving of hand-cut green onions.

Healthy Ramen with Plenty of Vegetables 850Yen (incl. tax)

A ramen filled with plenty of cabbage, bean sprouts, and fine cut green onion on top of the noodles combined with our secret recipe tonkotsu (pork bone) broth with hot water.
We use thin noodles of excellent quality that complement the broth and spice.
You can adjust the level of spiciness, so anyone can enjoy this popular healthy and delicious ramen including children and those who cannot handle spicy foods.