Chinese Izakaya Shuka Yume (Hiroshima Station Branch)

Enjoy a vast menu of authentic Chinese food near Hiroshima Station at affordable prices.☆

A Chinese izakaya on "Carp Road" heading towards the Mazda Stadium that is just a 1-minute walk from Hiroshima Station.
Enjoy authentic Chinese food with great price value expertly cooked by a veteran Chinese chef with 43 years of culinary experience including 20 years of experience in Japan. There is a wide variety of dishes, including Shanghai, Sichuan, and Chinese home-cooked style dishes! The vast menu has a reputation of being delicious and satisfying.
We recommend taking advantage of our "all-you-can-eat and drink" service when you come in with a group so that everyone can eat and drink their fill!


All-You-Can-Eat and Drink (2 hours) from Our Vast Chinese Food Menu3,500Yen (excl. tax)

Our popular all-you-can-eat and drink course.
Freshly cooked, reasonably priced, and delicious!

■ For the time being (small appetizers) ■
Edamame (soybeans in a pod) / Kimchi (Korean spicy pickled cabbage) / Chilled tofu / Zha cai (Chinese pickled mustard plant stem dish) / Fried peanuts

■ Salad ■
Seafood salad / tofu salad / daikon (white radish) salad

■ Appetizer ■
Assortment of 4 appetizers / Jellyfish with Chinese style dressing / Steamed chicken with green onion & oil / Boiled chicken with pepper & chili sauce / Szechuan spicy chicken / Pork ear with sauce / Dressed dried tofu / Century egg tofu

■ Seafood ■
Chili Shrimp / Mayonnaise shrimp / Stir-fried squid with black pepper / Stir-fried squid with Chinese fermented black bean paste
/ Seafood chop suey / Stir-fried clams, garlic chives, eggs

■ Meat dishes ■
Stew of cubed special pork (“kakuni”) / sweet-and-sour pork / chinjaolose (stir-fry with green peppers and meat) / Stir-fried beef in oyster sauce
/ Stir-fried chicken & cashew nuts / Slightly spicy stir-fried chicken & peanuts
/ Sichuan style stir-fried pork / Stir-fried liver & garlic chives / Sichuan style stewed beef